GRIT Payment Plan

Start rolling in a GRIT Freedom Chair for $1500 down payment and $125/month for 12 months.

We've partnered with NorthWind Companies to extend a payment plan to GRIT Freedom Chair buyers. There are no financing fees and no interest if your payments are made on schedule. No credit check required.


Payment schedule

Thinking of adding accessories, shipping costs, or a GRIT Freedom Chair Forward to your financing? You can! Our financing plan works like this: 50% of the total you'd like to finance is required up-front, and the remainder is broken into 12 equal monthly payments. We do not charge financing fees or interest on the monthly payments if they are paid on schedule.

For example, if you choose a GRIT Freedom Chair 2.0 that normally retails for $2995 and buy during a promotion offering free shipping (normally it's $99), it works out to a $1497.50 down payment and $124.79/month for 12 months.


Start rolling as soon as you submit the down payment

This is not a layaway program. As soon as we receive your down payment and get you enrolled in the monthly payment program we will ship you your GRIT Freedom Chair. Most customers who sign up for the GRIT Payment Plan receive their chair within one weeks of submitting their down payment and filling out the financing paperwork.

Enroll by talking to a GRIT financing specialist at 1-877-345-4748 or by applying online.