Adaptive Sports Partnerships

GRIT Freedom Chair customers aren't just individuals. Many adaptive sports organizations and businesses have taken it upon themselves to obtain a Freedom Chair for use by visitors and participants. Here we feature those who have joined our Adaptive Sports Partnership Program. Not only would we like to show you their Freedom Chair adventures, we want to show you how to contact them if you are interested in test-riding the GRIT Freedom Chair for yourself.  

Broadmoor Wildlife Sanctuary Natick Massachusetts Broadmoor’s nine miles of walking trails guide you through a variety of field, woodland, and wetland habitats.
DCR Universal Access Program Amherst Massachusetts Adaptive Recreation opportunities and programs for state park visitors with disabilities in Massachusetts.
Drumlin Farm Wildlife Sanctuary Lincoln Massachusetts Drumlin Farm Wildlife Sanctuary is a working farm and wildlife sanctuary all in one!
Lone Star Paralysis Foundation Austin Texas Seeking to cure Spinal Cord Paralysis through funding research, recovery and recreation.
Move Along Inc. Baldwinsville New York Establishing resources for youth and adults to compete in athletics.
North Quabbin Trails Association (NQTA) Orange Massachusetts We want to make the most of the local natural resources while making stewardship central to our activities.
Operation Enduring Warrior Midlothian Virginia Creating Awareness, offering Honor, and providing Support for our Nation's Wounded Veterans
Oscar Mike Foundation Poplar Grove Illinois Doing obstacle races to inspire everyone, raise funds and awareness for the Oscar Mike Foundation.
Southeast Alaska Independent Living (SAIL) Juneau Alaska Empowering people with disabilities by providing services that will positively affect independence and productivity in society.
Summer Star Wildlife Sanctuary Boylston Massachusetts Protecting and caring for 45 acres of wildlife habitats, trails, forests, streams, and wetlands
Veterans Adaptive Sports and Training (VAST) New Gloucester Maine Promoting lifelong health and well-being of veterans with disabilities through participation in an array of physical activities.
Waypoint Adventure Lexington Massachusetts Striving to ensure that people with disbailites have full access to the transformational power of outdoor adventure programming.
Wheel the World Berkeley California Enabling people with disabilities to explore the world

Broadmoor Wildlife Sanctuary

Natick, Massachusetts


"An expansive retreat along Indian Brook and the Charles River, Broadmoor is an ever-changing environment teeming with wildlife: dragonflies darting, turtles basking, otters leaving tracks in the mud or snow, and more than 150 species of birds. Easy-to-moderate well-groomed trails lead you through the shade of mature woodlands into open fields and along the edges of vibrant streams, ponds, and marshland."

DCR Universal Access Program

Amherst, Massachusetts


"The Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation's Universal Access Program offers adaptive recreation programs to support people with disabilities in outdoor recreation activities. Come with your family/caregivers to explore the outdoors in a supportive setting or recreate on your own in numerous accessible locations!"

The DCR has a fleet of Freedom Chairs in a variety of sizes, and including a variety of accessories. These include some official GRIT accessories such as Trail Handles, and some the DCR has created on their own based on the needs of their participants. Please contact them directly if you special accommodations. DCR Contracts out their hiking activities to several non profits. Call for more info about when they'll include the Freedom Chair in activities.


413-545-5353 (voice)
413-577-2200 (TTY)

Drumlin Farm Wildlife Sanctuary

Lincoln, Massachusetts


"At Drumlin Farm, you can experience life on a working farm and explore a wildlife sanctuary at the same time. Watch the pigs, sheep, goats, chickens, and cows in the farmyard; see how crops are sustainably grown; walk the trails explore field, forest, and wetland habitat; and observe resident owls, hawks, a fisher, and a fox in the native wildlife exhibit . . . Mass Audubon strives to create a welcoming presence for a wide range of visitors, including making our sanctuaries and nature centers more accessible for all to enjoy."

(781) 259-2200

Lone Star Paralysis Foundation

Austin, Texas


"The Mission of the Lone Star Paralysis Foundation is to cure spinal cord paralysis through funding research, advanced recovery, and community outreach."

Move Along Inc.

Baldwinsville, New York


"Move Along focuses on the mission of enhancing the abilities of individuals with medically documented limitations. We strive to provide the necessary resources through athletics to enable our youth and adults to excel as persons in society."

(315) 350-1726

North Quabbin Trails Association (NQTA)

Orange, Massachusetts


"The purpose of the North Quabbin Trails Association, Inc. is to sustain and work towards outdoor trail development, maintenance and improvements, including but not limited to the restoration and maintenance of trails on land and water, proper education and safety in areas of trail maintenance and construction, and to create stewardship with other outdoor organizations, groups and individuals to further this goal."

NQTA's GRIT Freedom Chair is available for community sign-out! Visit their website HERE to sign it out for your next outdoor adventure.

Operation Enduring Warrior (OEW)

Midlothian, Virginia


"Operation Enduring Warrior is a 100% volunteer organization composed of current and former members of the military, family members, and patriotic citizens who wish to give back to our nation’s wounded veterans."



Oscar Mike Foundation

Poplar Grove, Illinois


"The Oscar Mike Foundation wants to see all injured Veterans utilize their full potential and live rewarding and productive lives . . . By focusing on the arena of adaptive sports, the Oscar Mike Foundation assists in offering an outlet for an ongoing competitive lifestyle to the thousands of American Veterans who have given



(815) 568-2770

Southeast Alaska Independent Living (SAIL)

Juneau, Alaska


"SAIL empowers elders and people with disabilities by providing services and information to support you in making choices that will positively affect your independence and productivity in society. SAIL serves all elders and people with physical and mental disabilities regardless of race, ancestry, color, religion age, marital status, sexual preference, gender and or income."

SAIL has a GRIT Freedom Chair available for community rental among. Check it out HERE, and give SAIL a call if your interested in renting it out for your own adventures.


(907) 586-4920

Summer Star Wildlife Sanctuary

Boylston, Massachusetts


"This forty-five acres of natural land is home to plants, streams, glacial boulders, and wild animals large and small. It is our mission to protect and care for wildlife habitats, trails, forests, streams, and wetlands . . . Summer Star is open to the public free of charge.  Please enjoy the beauty of nature, and in return kindly pay respect to all wildlife who have been keeping this land safe and peaceful for generations! Our goal is to bring new experiences and discoveries of the wonders of local wildlife and the joyful spirit of nurturing forestland to underprivileged children, senior citizens, and to all families in the community."


(508) 869-3434

Veterans Adaptive Sports and Training (VAST)

New Gloucester, Maine


"The goal of our VAST program is to promote lifelong health and well-being of veterans with disabilities through regular participation in a VAST array of physical activities and sports. Any and all veterans are encouraged to volunteer and enjoy some outdoor activities and a sense of camaraderie with fellow veterans."


(207) 310-8694

Waypoint Adventure

Lexington, Massachusetts


"The mission of Waypoint Adventure is to challenge youth and adults with disabilities to discover their purpose, talents and strengths through the transforming power of adventure."


(781) 325-7980

Wheel the World

Berkley, California


"IMPULSE touristic activities for people with disabilities. Create AWARENESS of people with disabilities as active persons that search to live fully. INSPIRE with overcoming, fellowship and love stories."


(510) 943-2853

Do you work with an organization that could benefit from adding a GRIT Freedom Chair to your program? Let us know! Not only will you get a Freedom Chair, but you will get exclusive discounts, offers, and support.