Meet the GRIT Freedom Chair


Is it for me? 

  • You are excited to be outside and explore nature

  • You want to get exercise and improve your fitness

  • You want to spend more time being active with your friends and family.

  • You have some upper body strength and want to use a manual chair

Can I afford it?

At GRIT, we're all about overcoming obstacles, including financial ones.

  • Our most popular model starts at $2,995. We have financing options that include payment plans, as well as grants for low-income individuals.

  • Insurance likely does not cover the cost, as recreational devices are generally excluded from coverage.

Move beyond the pavement

Choose your own path with the easy-to-push lever drive and stable frame that can handle any terrain. From trails to curbs and cobblestones, to grass and the beach, the GRIT Freedom Chair is ready for your everyday adventures, no matter what path you choose.


Download a free GRIT Freedom Chair brochure