Why Would I Need an Outdoor Wheelchair?

Why Would I Need an Outdoor Wheelchair?

Feb 17th 2022

So, you’ve come across outdoor wheelchairs and want to learn if one may be a fit for you. How are they different from standard wheelchairs? Are they worth the investment? If you are thinking about getting an outdoor wheelchair, read on for some top benefits and why they can be life changing.

Why Would I Need an Outdoor Wheelchair? Get around your immediate outdoors: Angie rides her GRIT Freedom Chair on gravel of farm property

Benefit 1: Get around your immediate outdoors

Have you ever felt stuck in your house or unable to access your immediate surroundings? Perhaps you can’t easily get through your yard, be outside to garden or farm, or navigate your neighborhood safely and independently. No matter what your outdoor aspirations are, having the right mobility equipment will help you get there.

Unlike indoor wheelchairs that are designed to be lightweight and able to fit in tighter spaces, an outdoor wheelchair is built to be more rugged and able to take on a  range of surfaces. Just outside your home there may be bumpy turf, cracks, or uneven streets or pavement. These and other common surroundings like gravel, uneven dirt paths, grass, or snow can be limiting to wheelchair users and people with mobility limitations. If you’ve avoided venturing too far out your front door because of your current mobility equipment, an outdoor wheelchair may be a good fit for you.

Why Would I Need an Outdoor Wheelchair? Mental and physical health: Robyn smiles riding GRIT Freedom Chair on grass by water at housing area

Benefit 2: Mental and physical health

We know being outside feels good, and being in nature has been shown to positively affect both mental and physical health.  Per the American Psychological Association (APA), “From a stroll through a city park to a day spent hiking in the wilderness, exposure to nature has been linked to a host of benefits, including improved attention, lower stress, better mood, reduced risk of psychiatric disorders and even upticks in empathy and cooperation.”

While it’s great to get out to parks, around lakes, and to experience nature in different ways, even getting outside close to home can be beneficial. “Just like a little exercise is better than none, we should take­ advantage of green and blue spaces wherever and whenever we can,” advises the APA. Looking at trees, rolling through grass, and being in the fresh air may not be easily accessible with an indoor wheelchair. With an outdoor wheelchair, you can navigate natural surroundings, enjoy the world around you, and better manage both mental and physical health.

Why Would I Need an Outdoor Wheelchair? Join friends and family outdoors: Nate in GRIT Freedom Chair next to young son on uneven driveway

Benefit 3: Join friends and family outdoors

Missing out on activities others are taking part in can be a big motivator for adding an outdoor wheelchair to your mobility toolkit. From activities on grass to keeping up with changes in scenery and terrain, an outdoor wheelchair offers a way to stay involved with loved ones and engage with your community.

Access places your spouse wants to explore or keep up with your kids’ sports games. Bring elder parents along for a stroll or play outdoor games with grandkids by using equipment that can take on outdoor changes. Explore the world as a family, stay social with your friends, and keep engaged with the  outdoor activities and groups you love using an outdoor wheelchair.


If you have ever thought, “I just want to be outdoors!” then an  outdoor wheelchair may be for you. Built to take on outdoor surfaces and weather, an outdoor-specific chair may be an investment that is worth it when you weigh the changes in lifestyle it can support.

Whether you want to exercise outside, follow your dog across the grass, or just be able to get around outside on your own, an outdoor wheelchair can assist with access and freedom. Return to the joy of the outdoors with equipment made to support you and your movement.

The GRIT Freedom Chair: Outdoor Wheelchair

The  GRIT Freedom Chair was designed and tested to move outdoors. Riders use the GRIT Freedom Chair every day to explore more of the outdoors, boost their physical and mental health, and spend quality time with their friends and family. With a sturdy frame and features engineered to navigate around obstacles, you can take on gardening, your yard, farm, or neighborhood. Users of all ages and strengths benefit from the GRIT Freedom Chair so you can use your energy to explore more and adventure with loved ones

While many GRIT Freedom Chair users have walkers, canes, crutches, or other wheelchairs, they find the GRIT Freedom Chair enables them to more easily travel over long distances and rough terrain than their other mobility equipment. Have questions about using the GRIT Freedom Chair or the  GRIT Guarantee? Get in touch with us and we’d be happy to help: info@gogrit.us or 877-345-4748.