Prototype. Test. Repeat.

We're hands-on engineers. That means that while we enjoy crunching the numbers, we love building and testing prototypes. We test our prototypes until they break, then come up with even better versions. The absolute best versions become our products, which we proudly sell to riders around the world. 

Our riders aren't just our customers, they're the most important voices on our design team. We reach out to them to learn about their problems and to get their feedback on what we're working on. We work together to collaboratively design solutions to help them overcome their biggest obstacles. It's a collaborative process called user-focused design. It takes longer and is a lot more work, but the results are worth it. Just ask our riders.

Factors we consider



How can we design it to be lighter without sacrificing strength?



How can we make it fold smaller without adding complexity or cost?


How can we make it simpler and easier to manufacture? 



Are the parts easy to find? Is how the chair works easy to understand?

Ease of use

What do wheelchair riders think? Can we make it even easier?



How can we maximize strength while minimizing weight and cost?


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