Drivetrain Upgrade

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Drivetrain Upgrade

With twice as many points of engagement as the standard drivetrain, this upgrade increases top speed, makes acceleration easier, and helps your levers engage sooner. When ordered with your GRIT Freedom Chair, GRIT will install it for you. When ordered after the fact, this accessory is best installed by a local bike shop.


When should I use this accessory?

  • Riding on the street or the pavement? This upgrade is a game-changer!
  • Performance-motivated riders will want the mechanical advantage of this upgrade
  • Riders looking to race their GRIT Freedom Chair should add this upgrade
  • Current GRIT Freedom Chair owners looking to limit lag in lever engagement
  • Riders using their GRIT Freedom Chair for fitness will want this upgraded accessory


Materials and Specifications

  • Materials: High-performance freewheels, custom-molded aluminum receivers
  • Assembly and Installation Guide: Please contact GRIT for this guide


General Accessory Information

  • Not sure if this accessory is what you need? Try it in confidence with the GRIT Guarantee
  • Covered by the GRIT Warranty
  • To shop all GRIT Freedom Chairs and accessories, click here
  • To see GRIT Freedom Chairs in action click here
  • Contact GRIT at 877-345-4748,, or use the chat bubble at the bottom of this page!
  • Drivetrain Upgrade
  • 30 Day Risk-Free GRIT Guarantee

    30 Day Risk-Free

    GRIT Guarantee

    Rider Support Team dedicated to Customer Service

    Rider Support Team dedicated to

    Customer Service

    GRIT Freedom Chair 2 Year Warranty

    GRIT Freedom Chair

    2 Year Warranty

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Assembly typically takes about 30 minutes. You will receive electronic and physical copies of the Freedom Chair assembly guide. All the tools you’ll need will be included. After delivery, an assembly specialist will give you a call to answer any questions you may have.