Easy-to-push Wheelchair

Hand levers make the GRIT Freedom Chair easier to push

Our MIT-designed patented lever drive is easier to push than regular wheelchairs, and way more powerful! The levers help you shift gears like on a bike: you can cruise faster than walking on smooth ground but still have the power you need to climb hills, push through grass, or roll through sand. Push with less effort and shoulder strain than your regular wheelchair, and ride securely with our powerful brakes, which are engaged by pulling backwards on the levers.

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What are the benefits of pushing with levers?


Easy to push

The GRIT Freedom Chair's lever drive has a mechanical advantage between the lever and the wheel, making it easier to push the chair forward than on push-rim wheelchairs.


Low impact

The lever drive uses an ergonomic motion that engages large muscle groups in the chest and shoulders. It can help eliminate the shoulder issues that plague push-rim wheelchair users.


Clean hands

The levers keep your hands far away from the wheels and everything they are rolling through. They also provide easy braking, since you don't have to try to grab slippery push-rims.

How do the levers work?

The leverage to climb hills

Grabbing the top of the levers gives you a lot of torque, making it easy to overcome obstacles.

Fast on flat ground

Grabbing the bottom of the levers lets you cruise efficiently on sidewalks, bike paths, and roads.

See the GRIT Freedom Chair in action

The GRIT Freedom Chair's easy to push lever drive combines the efficiency of handycles and the small size of manual wheelchairs. The levers amplify your force, making it easier to self propel, especially outdoors on grass, sand, and rough terrain. Scientific research shows that lever drives are ergonomic and a great source of low-impact cardio exercise. 

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