In-wheel suspension

The GRIT Freedom Chair Forward, featuring SoftWheels

The highest performance off-road wheelchair we've ever built, the GRIT Freedom Chair Forward combines the world-renowned SoftWheel in-wheel suspension system with our award-winning MIT-designed lever drive. It's a match made in heaven and fit for the roughest trails. The Forward is built on the GRIT Freedom Chair platform and shares all of its popular features and accessories. It's an incredible off-road experience for our most demanding riders. Learn more.


SoftWheels suspension

In-wheel suspension arms are soft when you need them and stiff when you don't. Unparalleled performance.

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Top-shelf components

ACS BMX freewheels mean more power and precision. It's like riding the GRIT Freedom Chair in HD.

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Paying it Forward

We're contributing 10% of each Forward sale to our to help low income riders move beyond the pavement.

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 The GRIT Freedom Chair  Forward,  featuring SoftWheels in-wheel suspension. Push rims not included.

The GRIT Freedom Chair Forward, featuring SoftWheels in-wheel suspension. Push rims not included.