Comfort and Fit Accessories

Side Guards

Foot Strap

Wedge Cushion

These optional Side Guards limit mud splatter and add an extra layer between loose clothing and the wheels. They ship with magnets and screws for temporary or permanent use. $199

Your GRIT Freedom Chair comes with six stealthy footrest slots—simply loop this Velcro Foot Strap through your choice of those slots to keep your feet fixed, safe, and secure during any adventure. $15

The Wedge Cushion provides elbow clearance for riders under 5'4" and legroom for riders over 6'3". Place the cushion above or below the regular cushion in the direction that works best for you! $49

Wide Foot Plate

The Wide Foot Plate is 8" wider than the standard foot plate and is most popular with riders with large feet or limited knee flexibility. Like the standard foot plate, it is vertically adjustable.

Slim Fit Kit

The Slim Fit Kit angles your levers inward; it is best for riders with shoulder widths between 10” and 14". As an integral part of the chair, it is best when ordered with the chair itself. This accessory may add up to 2 weeks to the standard chair lead time. $249

Utility Clamp

The Utility Clamp is like a multi-tool for your Freedom Chair. It comes in 4 different variations:

  • Bare: Use the Utility Clamp's vertical bar to make a DIY phone holder, cup holder, or camera mounting bar. $299

  • Rope Mount: Looking to add a pull-rope to the front of the chair? This configuration of the Utility Clamp comes with a hook and carabiner so you can attach any rope you'd like. Note: Spartan logo is only available on the Spartan chair. $349

  • Foot Platform: With this configuration you can move your foot placement along the front bar of the Freedom Chair. This is a great option for taller riders who need more room for their legs, those who want more ground clearance, shorter riders whose feet need to be elevated, and those with limited knee mobility. $399

  • Leg Elevation: Riders who want more legroom, or those who are more comfortable with straight legs, can extend their legs over this horizontal bar. Padded calf supports provide a comfortable place to rest your legs. You can also slide the whole unit up and down the boom of the Freedom Chair as desired. $449

Performance Accessories

Trail Handles

Drivetrain Upgrade

Steering Pegs

These high-strength, steel handles wrapped in soft handlebar tape can be set up for one or two pushers. They slide and secure right into the seatback for security over any terrain. $399


With twice as many teeth as the standard drivetrain, this upgrade increases top speed, makes acceleration easier, and helps your levers engage sooner. It should be installed by GRIT or a bike mechanic. Riders pursuing peak performance have made this our most popular accessory to date. $235

Steering Pegs attach to the front wheel of the Freedom Chair and allow riders with lower-limb mobility to steer the chair with their feet. They are the best weapon against crowned and side-sloped surfaces. $49


Anti-Tip Bars


These adjustable Anti-Tip Bars prevent you from tipping backward. They are easy to add and remove, and give some riders the peace of mind to tackle steeper inclines with confidence. $249


Wheels and Wheel Accessories

Sand + Snow Wheels

Extra Axles

Hit the beach or snow with these wide wheels that you can swap onto your GRIT Freedom Chair. At 2.25" wide, these wheels will help you float over sand, snow, and other loose terrain. $399

While each GRIT Freedom Chair comes with the necessary axles, an extra set adds convenience when using accessory wheels, which means no more axle swapping required. $75


Tech Mesh Hat

 Short-Sleeve T-Shirt


Powered by our friends at Oscar Mike, this cotton-poly blend has got to be one of the most comfortable T-shirts known to man and womankind. We are proud to support Oscar Mike, whose mission is to keep veterans on the move. Plus, you’ll look like a real star donning the GRIT logo! $25


Trust us, folks…these are more than just hats. Thanks to Pukka, these hats are built with Tech Mesh, which produces a fit that is simply unmatched, all due to the fabric’s softness and stretchability. Whether you choose dark gray or light gray, these are a perfect accessory to keep the sun out of your face while you adventure. $25