Freedom Chair for Brandon Stark

Hi everyone! I was pushed off of a tower by the Lannisters and I sustained a spinal cord injury upon hitting the ground. Westeros has some really rough terrain, especially in the North! I'd love to get a Freedom Chair to start exploring again.

Without Hodor, I need a Freedom Chair more than ever! The easy to push lever drive will help me move around under my own power. As I build strength, I can go farther and farther, just in time to escape the white walkers! If you want more information, please reach me by raven.

About the GRIT Freedom Chair

The GRIT Freedom Chair is the mountain bike of wheelchairs. Its the most versatile chair on the market, designed from the ground up to handle any terrain. From trails to grass to snow, the Freedom Chair is built for the rider to push themselves. Born out of research at MIT, the Freedom Chair's patented easy-push levers reduce shoulder strain and put the rider in control of their mobility. Learn more about the GRIT Freedom Chair at www.gogrit.us.

$200 gifted

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Created October 31, 2016 by Brandon Stark of Westeros.

$100 gifted by Cerci Lannister

$100 gifted by the Kingslayer