GRIT Payment Plan

Start rolling in a GRIT Freedom Chair with a down payment and small monthly payments.

We offer a payment plan in-house to GRIT Freedom Chair buyers. No credit check required. 


One year plan

50% down payment and the rest over 12 months. No financing fees or interest.

All versions of the GRIT Freedom Chair, accessories, and shipping costs are eligible for this financing plan.

    Call GRIT at 877-345-4748 to speak with a financing specialist or apply online now.


    Start rolling as soon as you submit the down payment

    This is not a layaway program. As soon as we receive your down payment and get you enrolled in the monthly payment program we will ship you your GRIT Freedom Chair. Most customers who sign up for the GRIT Payment Plan receive their chair within two weeks of submitting their down payment and filling out the financing paperwork.

    Enroll by talking to a GRIT financing specialist at 1-877-345-4748 or by applying online.


    30 day satisfaction guarantee

    GRIT Freedom Chairs purchased with the GRIT Payment Plan are covered by our 30 day satisfaction guarantee. Ride the chair at home, at the park, and around town for 30 days after delivery. If it's not right for you, we'll offer a complete refund (of the down payment and any monthly payments you've made), including the cost of shipping.