Get Ready to Hit the Trail with Adaptive Hiking

Moving beyond the pavement and surrounding oneself with nature is refreshing and fun! Off road wheelchairs like the GRIT Freedom Chair can help make nature more accessible.

Ready to hit the trail?

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Find an appropriate trail:

  • Paved Trails (Accessible Nature, Traillink)

  • Mountain Biking Trails (look for "Green" & "Double Track" trails)

  • Ski Trails (look for "Green" or "Cat Walks")

  • Frisbee Golf Courses

  • Equestrian Trails

  • Public Parks

Have the right adaptive equipment:

Depending on where you decide to hike, you might already have all the equipment you need! If the road is going to be a little too rough for your current equipment, you will need to think about a different tool to get the job done. Perhaps you know an individual or organization that has a hiking wheelchair or hand cycle you can rent or borrow for the day. Ask around so you can get the gear you need to make sure to have your ideal adventure. Don't forget to take a helmet! Safety First!

Stay Fueled:

Water is first and foremost when planning a hike, but don't forget to pack some snacks to keep your energy up! Besides, food always tastes better in nature. Things like granola bars and nuts are easy to eat on the go.

Take a Buddy:

Solitude has its place, but it can also be a lot of fun to share a hike with friends and family! Time spent together in nature can strengthen relationships. It's also a nice safety precaution, especially if you are just starting out. If you need a little help, then you'll have someone right there.

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