The World Health Organization estimates that over 65 million people in the developing world need an appropriate wheelchair. Over 75% of them live in rural areas, where standard wheelchairs just don't work: they're hard to push, they break easily, and they can't be repaired locally. As students in the MIT Mobility Lab, we spent years working with wheelchair riders, experts, and manufacturers from around the developing world to reinvent the wheelchair.

The Leveraged Freedom Chair (LFC) is the international humanitarian version of the Freedom Chair. It enables people with disabilities in developing countries to move beyond the pavement, providing them with the mobility they need to lead independent lives. Over 1,500 LFCs have been distributed worldwide through partner organizations in 17 countries. The LFC is only available in bulk (quantities of 100 or more) to organizations working in developing countries.  It is not available for purchase in the United States.



We designed the LFC from the ground up and engaged wheelchair riders throughout the design process, ensuring that it met their unique needs.


The LFC is built out of steel and bicycle parts that can be found in any rural village in any developing country. This enables repair anywhere.


The LFC's unique lever drivetrain makes it faster than regular wheelchairs and offers off-road performance like no other mobility aid available.

Ordering information

The LFC is sold in bulk (quantities of 100+) to NGOs, governments, and aid agencies. For more information about the LFC and the ordering process please contact us at

A version of the LFC, known as the GRIT Freedom Chair, is available to individuals and organizations in the United States. Please click here to visit our US purchasing site. The LFC and the GRIT Freedom Chair are very different products, to learn about this difference please click here.


High resolution photos available upon request.