Meet the GRIT Freedom Chair

Lever-driven. Designed by MIT engineers. Built to last.

Why do levers matter? The chair’s easy to push lever drive combines the efficiency of a handcycle with the small size of a manual wheelchair. The levers amplify your force, making it easier to self propel, especially outdoors on grass, sand, and rough terrain. Scientific research shows that lever drives are ergonomic and a great source of low-impact cardio exercise.

Here are a few more benefits that our riders say are important to them:

A GRIT Freedom Chair rider at Capitol Reef National Park

A GRIT Freedom Chair rider at Capitol Reef National Park

  • Low impact: The lever drive uses an ergonomic motion that engages large muscle groups in the chest and shoulders. It can help eliminate the shoulder issues that plague push-rim wheelchair users.

  • Clean hands: The levers keep your hands far away from the wheels and everything they are rolling through. They also provide easy braking, since you don't have to try to grab slippery push-rims.

  • Good for the heart: The ergonomic lever motion is easy on smooth ground, exercising your heart and lungs rather than just your arms. Many GRIT Freedom Chair riders love the low impact cardio workout.

  • ...and for the soul: Simply put, this all-terrain wheelchair is FUN! The lever drive takes the physical stress out of pushing yourself around, helping you to focus on enjoying your environment and the friends and family you're exploring it with.

  • Portable: The lever drive is compact, especially when compared to crank-drives on handcycles. The GRIT Freedom Chair easily disassembles to fit in the trunk of a small car and we have been known to take it on flights around the country. Where you go, the Freedom Chair goes. See more features here.

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