Intelligently designed

Eight years of MIT R&D at your fingertips.

We came up with the initial concept for the GRIT Freedom Chair in 2008, while we were students at MIT, and we’ve been working on it ever since. We designed it with the help of hundreds of wheelchair riders around the world, and tested it in some of the harshest conditions imaginable: the plains of East Africa, rural Nepal, and Haiti. 

The levers store on the frame, allowing you to move just like in a regular wheelchair. This helps with transfers and using the GRIT Freedom Chair indoors.

Grit Freedom Chair-06569.jpg

The adjustable height footrest helps you ensure a comfortable fit in the GRIT Freedom Chair. Slots are included to accommodate optional foot straps.


The easy-to-use parking brakes keep you locked in place when transferring into and out of the chair.


The pad supports your back, so you can push hard, even without trunk strength.


Pulling backwards on the levers activates the powerful friction brakes, slowing you down.


Want more details? 

Check out our blog's Nitty Gritty series and the GRIT Freedom Chair's detailed specifications: