Enjoying Nature in the GRIT Freedom Chair

There's a lot of fun to be had beyond the pavement! Getting off the sidewalk and surrounding oneself with nature is refreshing, invigorating, and part of a healthy lifestyle. The GRIT Freedom Chair makes the outdoors more accessible so you can enjoy all that mother nature has to offer. Ready to hit the trail?

Built for the trail

The GRIT Freedom Chair was designed to be the best performing, most versatile, manual off-road wheelchair on the market. It's been tested in the roughest conditions on earth: from the Arctic Circle to the deserts of Utah, from the rainy forests of the Northwest to the sandy beaches of the Gulf Coast. 


Easy to push means longer adventures

The GRIT Freedom Chair's revolutionary lever drive gives you the leverage to handle whatever the trail throws at you. It's ergonomic design engages large muscle groups, making it 80% more efficient than a regular wheelchair push rim, keeping you energized on the trail.


Durability you can depend on

The GRIT Freedom Chair combines MIT engineering with trail-tested mountain bike parts, enabling easy maintenance and customization. We thoroughly tested every part of the design both in the lab and in the field, and stand behind what we build: if you do mange to break something, we'll make it right.

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We love getting people back into nature

We have a nature-loving GRIT Freedom Chair rider on staff who can help you start moving beyond the pavement.

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