Rider Spotlight: Sally

It's been a busy Fall for Freedom Chair riders across the country. They've been sharing stories of their trail rides and races, and we've been living vicariously through their adventures! Today we're excited to spotlight Sally from Cincinnati who has been racking up the mileage on her new Freedom Chair. 

Sally recently wrote to us:

I am absolutely thrilled with my new Freedom Chair! I have been using it to take “walks” around my neighborhood, a luxury I have not enjoyed for many years. It’s so good to get out again! I have also taken it to a local park where they have an 8 mile trail with a lot of hills. I love going up and down the hills. I haven’t been able to work out this hard in years. The first time Dave and I went to the park (Monday) we spent 2 hours. He biked and I went on my Freedom Chair. I went today and managed to go about 2.5 miles, all of it very hilly. I love the hills and working out to my capacity.

Thanks for the kind words, Sally. We're thrilled that you're having such a great time with your Freedom Chair. Happy trails!