Production run underway

I hope you're reading this from a place that's less snowy than here in Boston. It seems that every week there's a new blizzard dumping a fresh foot of snow. This hasn't slowed down our progress through! We've been very busy since our last update.

Over the last month we've gone through and done some rigorous final testing of the Freedom Chair prototypes we have in the shop. We finalized important features like the parking brakes and produced our first large size chairs to make sure everything still worked as we expected (it did). We also explored box options and have been experimenting with different arrangements of the parts to fit everything as densely and safely as possible for shipment.

We spent the last few weeks finalizing our production drawing set. We visited our manufacturers (one of the many benefits of producing a product locally) and reviewed our designs with them to make sure that they knew exactly what we wanted. We've been working with our vendors throughout the prototype process so we've developed really good relationships with them and are really happy with the quality of their parts!

Just this past week we sent out the first round of purchase orders for production parts, and we plan to order the rest of the parts over the next month. We've got the whole timeline laid out and have built in over a month's buffer just in case there are any delays (snow related or otherwise!).

If you preordered a Freedom Chair you should keep your eyes on your inboxes -- we'll be sending out some important backer surveys this week!