And the winner of our photo contest is...

Nearly two weeks ago, we asked you to submit a photo showing where you would go in a GRIT Freedom Chair, and the answers ranged far and wide.  There were a lot of great entries, but ultimately, there was one submission that stood out.

I’d like to ride the terrain to really see and touch how mother nature has restored my yard/forest which was burned in the 2011 Bastrop County Complex Wildfire. It has been about a year since I have hugged my pine tree saplings that have grown tall.
— Pedro Serna Jr

Why exactly did this entry stand out? Here at the GRIT offices, we've heard stories from many people across the country who were unable to access their own backyard, before getting a GRIT Freedom Chair. To us, Pedro's photo and accompanying quote perfectly illustrates why everyone should have the ability to Move Beyond the Pavement, regardless of their mobility or income level. 

Congratulations Pedro, and thank you to all of our other wonderful applicants! 

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The GRIT Freedom Chair is the most versatile chair on the market, designed from the ground up to handle any terrain. From trails to grass to snow, the Freedom Chair is built for you to push yourself. Born out of research at MIT, the Freedom Chair's patented easy-push levers reduce shoulder strain and put you in control of your mobility. Ready to hit the trails.  Learn more about the GRIT Freedom Chair at