Squad Shout-out: AbleGamers

While we've got an affection for outdoor activities, we recognize that there are plenty of indoor activities that get people engaged, entertained, and connected. Today we're giving a shout-out to AbleGamers, a nonprofit that "aims to improve the qualify of life for those with disabilities through the power of video games." 

AbleGamers was founded in 2004 by Mark Barlet and Stephanie Walker, with a goal of enabling gamers with disabilities to continue playing games for recreation and rehabilitation, regardless of their physical challenges. 

Their three-step approach, outlined below, aims to increase accessibility of video games and achieve further inclusion:

Outreach – AbleGamers has the largest community portal for gamers with disabilities found anywhere in the world. Gamers around the world can come together and talk about new and inventive ways to overcome the barriers of an accessible games. We have over 200 mainstream titles reviewed specifically for their accessibility in our accessible games database. These titles are reviewed using the game accessibility guidelines of Includification to ensure each game is accessible to people with varying disabilities.

Consultation – AbleGamers provides consultation for AAA and indie developers, free of charge, to assist in making each game as accessible as possible. We provide a free updated set of practical game accessibility guidelines called Includification, which is a 48 page fully-illustrated roadmap for developers to reach the highest level of accessibility possible for each game.

Grants – AbleGamers delivers grants to the gaming community of assistive technology. Individual grants are open to various segments of the gaming community including, but not limited to children, adults and veterans with disabilities. These grants are provided multiple times each year as funding allows.
— http://www.ablegamers.com/about-us/

Do you have a favorite video game? Do you need help making a game more accessible? Or do you just want to connect with some other like-minded gamers? Head on over to AbleGamers and learn more!

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