Team GRIT Shares Our Favorite Thanksgiving Traditions

When you're interacting on the Internet, it's easy to forget that there are real, live people on the other side of the screen.  With that in mind, we're sharing our favorite Thanksgiving traditions today on the blog - read on, and get to know team GRIT! 


Tish Scolnik, CEO

"Before we eat, we go around the table and everyone says what they're thankful for this year." 

Mario Bollini, CTO 

"I love the Italian American Thanksgiving meal, which includes antipasti, ravioli, and tiramisu alongside deep fried turkey and green bean casserole."

Ben Judge, Product Development Engineer 

"Traveling to three thanksgiving meals in one day. And having cranberry sauce at every one!" 

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Mike Rappa, Assembly Technician

"Bowling with my family!" 


Tyler Harris, Sales Specialist

"Enjoying the meal with everybody, followed by a turkey nap, and then making a turkey sandwich and watching football."


Amos Winter, Chief Technical Advisor

"My favorite Thanksgiving tradition, which has only been going on the past few years, is visiting with my wife’s grandparents."

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Nerissa Cannon, Community Manager

"My favorite tradition is not having a tradition! For years now every Thanksgiving has been a unique experience and that's really exciting for me."

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Cash, Service Department


What's your favorite Thanksgiving tradition? Let us know in the comments below and don't forget to sign up for our newsletter to get stories, offers, and updates straight to your inbox! 

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