Tweaks and Customizations for the Freedom Chair

We know that people come in all shapes and sizes and we've done our best to make the GRIT Freedom Chair comfortable for everybody. Earlier this year we added a larger 20" seat width, and last month we introduced our "Slim Fit Kit" which angle the levers in for our smaller riders. On each chair the footrest is height-adjustable, and there are holes and slots so supportive strapping can be added.

Beyond these standard adjustments, as a team of engineers we are happy to work with you to make sure the GRIT Freedom Chair fits you just right. Here are a few tweaks we have done in the past. 


1. Additional adjustment for the footrest

While the footrest can be raised up and down, for some of our shorter riders, even in the highest position their feet still don't reach. No problem- the footrest post can be cut down so you can slide it up much higher. We're happy to do that for you, or you can do it yourself with a hacksaw.

2. Extra cushion for taller riders

While we can shorten the footrest for our shorter riders, we can't make it any longer as it would interfere with the ground clearance. Instead, our taller riders benefit from adding a second cushion to their GRIT Freedom Chair. This could be the cushion from a regular wheelchair, or one that you purchase from us. 

3. Change the overall gearing

The GRIT Freedom Chair's lever drivetrain makes it easier to push than a standard manual chair. The effective gearing is set by the size of the freewheel and chain-ring that are used on the drivetrain. Thanks to common bike standards, this can easily be swapped to make the overall gearing harder or easier. Some riders have us setup their GRIT Freedom Chair to be easier to push than normal, and once they build up strength go to their local bike shop to change back to the default gearing. Other riders are speed demons and have us setup their chairs to be really fast, though a bit harder to push.

4.  Extra wide footplate

Our footrest has a fairly slim profile. It's wide enough for each foot, without much room to spare. This keeps things streamlined and reduces the overall weight, but a few of our riders are unable to bend their legs to fit comfortably on it. We have designed a custom footplate that is an additional 8 inches wider. We recommend trying the regular footrest first, but if you find that this custom add-on would help you, you can purchase it in our online store.

5. Wedge cushion to reduce dump

The GRIT Freedom Chair has 15 degrees of dump (dump refers to the angle of the seat off the ground). Some dump is preferred, as it holds you into the seat, however, some individuals are uncomfortable sitting at such an angle. We can eliminate the dump by adding a wedge cushion under the regular cushion that comes standard on the GRIT Freedom Chair. Wedge cushions are offered as an accessory in our online store.

Would one of these customizations work for you? Or do you have a need that we haven't addressed? Contact us to talk with an engineer and we'll see what we can do!