Rider Spotlight: Stan Rohrer

Freedom Chair riders aren't just our customers - they're part of the GRIT family. We like to stay in touch, and there's nothing we love more than seeing pictures and hearing stories about their Freedom Chair experiences. 

Today's Rider Spotlight is all about our friend Stan (the Man) Rohrer.  Stan is an 86 year old wheelie-popping above-the-knee double amputee, and he recently sent us this awesome series of photos showing exactly how he independently loads and unloads his Freedom Chair into his F-150 using a 4:1 pulley system he rigged up himself.  


Loading the Freedom Chair

I drive with the two rods... push down on upper cross piece with left hand for brakes and pull up for accelerator. It is sort of a “shifting” fulcrum set up but I have driven several thousand miles with it since a year ago last January when I was 85. My license is good until 2020 or death whichever comes first. :)
— Stan Rohrer

Unloading the Freedom Chair

The striped bag on the front of the wheel chair is one of the sand bags that I use kayaking to lower my center of gravity for my missing legs (about 25-30 pounds). I want to add more temporary weight further to the front temporarily for steep hills.
— Stan Rohrer

Thanks for sharing Stan, we're proud to have you in the Freedom Chair Family! 


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