The Trailblazers Tour: Part 1

We've been criss-crossing the country to deliver Freedom Chairs to our new Trailblazers. Along the way we've been demoing in parks, riding on trails, and putting the Freedom Chair through its paces. Here's a little update on the past two weeks of adventures:

First stop, Los Angeles

Out first top was LA, where we met Jeremy Newman. We rode around a park just behind his house. Despite living so close to the park, Jeremy hadn't explored it since his regular chair gets stuck in the grass. After just a few minutes, we were running to keep up with him! 


Next up, Seattle

Next we headed to Seattle, where we met Jenny Schmitz and Dorian Taylor. Our giant weather machine worked and we had beautiful weather the whole time! We had a great event at Gas Works Park, right on the waterfront. We enjoyed meeting so many interested riders and chasing after them as they tackled grassy slopes and tree roots. With so many beautiful parks and trails to explore, we'll have to come back again!

Hello, Oregon

From Seattle we drove down to Portland and continued to Eugene, OR, where we met Loren Cushing. Thanks to the Hilyard Community Center for letting us host an event at their beautiful facility. We cruised around their trail system and managed to tackle some seriously deep mud puddles. We've never experienced such soggy grass! By the end of our demo, we were pondering a partnership with Tide. But as one mom put it, "I'm happy to do an extra load of laundry if it means my kid can be out exploring this beautiful park." 


Meanwhile, on the East Coast

While the West Coast contingent made its way back to GRIT HQ in Boston, the rest of the team drove down to visit Lindsey Runkel in Westport, CT. Lindsey's pup, Roscoe, enjoyed chasing them around the yard, although he was terrified of our camera. A serious mountain biker, Lindsey has all sorts of plans to customize her Freedom Chair. 


Coming Up

Over the next 3 weeks we'll be visiting our five remaining Trailblazers. If you're in Kansas City, Las Vegas, Seneca, SC, Palisade, CO or Denver, come on out to one of our events! We'd love to meet you.  

And if you're in any of the cities we've already visited and would like to meet with one of our Trailblazers to learn more about the Freedom Chair, please let us know. We'd be happy to connect you!