The Trailblazers Tour: Part 3

We've been criss-crossing the country to deliver Freedom Chairs to our new Trailblazers. Along the way we've been demoing in parks, riding on trails, and putting the Freedom Chair through its paces. Be sure to read Trailblazer Tour Part 1 & Trailblazer Tour Part 2 to get up to speed! 

South Carolina 

The first stop on the final Trailblazers Tour extravaganza brought us to Greenville, South Carolina to meet Jeremy Kerr, our only Southern Trailblazer. The celebration was a family affair thanks to Jeremy's wife and parents who also joined us at beautiful riverside Falls Park.

Jeremy's friends from R.O.A.R.a missions/ministry based organization whose purpose is to redefine limitations and empower those with disabilities, were also in attendance. It was great to celebrate Jeremy's selection as a GRIT Trailblazer with such a fun group! The exposed boulders provided a great opportunity to ride off-road. Everyone took turns climbing the steep slope of the boulder and exploring the grounds in the GRIT Freedom Chair.

2016-04-07 15.30.13.jpg


The next stop on our agenda?  Dallas, Texas to attend their Walk MS event! While not technically Trailblazer related, it was too much fun not to share. It was great to see so many passionate people in attendance.

 Photo courtesy of WALK MS Dallas & Fort Worth

Photo courtesy of WALK MS Dallas & Fort Worth

 Photo courtesy of Walk MS Dallas & Fort Worth

Photo courtesy of Walk MS Dallas & Fort Worth

 We had a blast watching attendees test out the GRIT Freedom Chair! There's nothing quite like watching someone have the opportunity easily and quickly go beyond the pavement and onto the grass. Even Chester the Cheetos Cheetah had to get in on the action! 

Palisades, Colorado

Once the Walk MS Dallas & Fort Worth event finished up, we flew west to Grand Junction, Colorado to meet Trailblazer, Nerissa Cannon and Cash, her adorable (and very well behaved) service dog.

After the initial settling-in period (and a break for a delicious burger in Grand Junction) we headed to Riverbend Park in Palisade, right up the street from Nerissa's house.  The views were simply stupendous, and we met some great people in the community. 

After we finished the official celebration, Nerissa invited the GRIT staff to take a group ride on the trail on the other end of the park, and it was a fun experience.  It reminded us that Freedom Chairs are even more fun with a friend! 

In fact, we had such a blast that we decided to launch a new summer program at home in New England called Enjoy the GRIT Outdoors!  during which we will be traveling to parks and trails in the area and bringing along multiple Freedom Chairs for group rides! We can't lie, by the end of the trail ride we were covered with mud and our arms were burning like we'd done 100 pushups - riding the Freedom Chair is a truly amazing workout! 

Denver, Colorado

After saying goodbye to Nerissa and Cash, Team GRIT headed through the mountains to meet Tricia, the last Trailblazer on our tour.  Not only is Tricia a competitive multi-sport athlete who has competed at competitions all over the world, she is also the director of Camp Discovery a camp for women in wheelchairs who want to explore fitness opportunities as well as create a support system of other women who have experienced mobility disorders and/or disabilities. We had a great time riding around Washington Park and meeting some of Camp Discovery's finest, including Ms Wheelchair Colorado! 

So folks, the Trailblazers Tour is officially over. Over the past month or so the GRIT Team collectively traveled to Seattle, Eugene, Portland, Kansas City, Las Vegas, Greenville, Dallas, Palisade, and Denver - that's a lot of cities! It was such a wonderful experience meeting not only our Trailblazers, but the friends and family who love and support them every day. 

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