The Trailblazers Tour: Part 2

We've been criss-crossing the country to deliver Freedom Chairs to our new Trailblazers. Along the way we've been demoing in parks, riding on trails, and putting the Freedom Chair through its paces. Read about part 1 of our Trailblazer Tour here

Kansas City Bound! 

We set out for Kansas City to meet Wes Hamilton, gym enthusiast, Trailblazer, and founder of Disabled, But Not Really, a nonprofit that raises awareness for people with spinal cord injuries and promotes health and fitness for people with disabilities.

Wes is a workout enthusiast - he hits the gym at least five days a week - so we were impressed, but not surprised, to learn that he had managed to fit in a quick workout prior to our visit.  Even with an extra workout, Wes handled his Freedom Chair like a pro - within minutes he had the lever system all figured out, and we think his big smile in the picture below says it all! 

After Wes took a test drive at home, we headed out to the park to set up for our Freedom Chair Demo & Trailblazers celebration! Aside from the 60 mph winds that blew in towards the end, it was a beautiful day well spent.

We had a great time at the park, but there was one important mission we had to accomplish before leaving Kansas City: finding and eating some delicious barbeque at Gates! 

 Mission Accomplished

Mission Accomplished


Goodbye Kansas City, Hello Las Vegas! 

After celebrating with delicious barbeque - we hopped a plane westward to meet Mariza, our Las Vegas based Trailblazer.  Mariza is a retired Army veteran and a member of the Paralyzed Veterans of America who hightails it all over the Country to participates in a long list of adaptive sports.

It only took Mariza a couple minutes to get used to riding Freedom Chair, and once we were at the park she put it through it's paces on grace, sand, and gravel! 

DSC_2377 copy.jpg

After our event, Team GRIT headed back to our hotel in Downtown Las Vegas and took in the sights and sounds.  Our hotel, the Downtown Grand, was only a few blocks away from Fremont Street, and we had a great time exploring. Our favorite "only in Las Vegas" moment? A giant Praying Mantis that burst into song - and flames! 

It was a wonderful, whirlwind, three-day trip, and we couldn't be happier to have Wes and Mariza on the Trailblazer Team! 

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