Rider Spotlight: Keith & the Boys

Lately we've been ecstatic to see more and more successful Go Fund Me campaigns for Freedom Chairs being completed.  Thanks to Keith Polischuk, the star of today's featured rider, we have an amazing opportunity to share the aftermath and the way these campaigns can change the lives of the people who complete them.

Keith launched his Go Fund Me campaign on April 7th:

My name is Keith Polischuk. In June of 2005 while out with friends at the beach, I had a diving accident and sustained a severe spinal cord injury and became a quadriplegic. In the years since my injury I’ve gone on to accomplish and experience many wonderful things; I graduated from college, met the love of my life (and married her), found a full time job, bought a house, and welcomed two wonderful sons into the world.

Prior to my injury the outdoors was always my escape, if I had free time you could find me at the beach, or in the woods, on a mountain bike during warm weather, and on skis when it was cold. In the years since my injury I’ve tried to enjoy nature as best I can, but there is something severely lacking when you have to experience it from the edge of a sidewalk or from the driver’s seat of a vehicle. As my kids are changing from babies to boys the outdoors beckons us all with a new intensity. Our family is fortunate to have a house that sits on a 2.5 acre wooded lot and I’m eager to teach my boys about critters and plants. I want to make forts in the woods and plant vegetables in the garden. I want to chase them on a soccer field and make sandcastles at the beach. Unfortunately my manual wheelchair and most standard powerchairs just aren’t suited to going off road.
— gofundme.com/getthemoutside
From Keith's GoFundMe page with the caption "Please help us go beyond this..."

From Keith's GoFundMe page with the caption "Please help us go beyond this..."


Keith successfully reached his goal very quickly, placed his order, and received his new GRIT Freedom Chair.  About a week ago he posted a message and a new video to his page, to show his appreciation to everyone contributed. 

...having my new Freedom Chair has been wonderful. Like any new piece of adaptive equipment it has come with a bit of a learning curve, but just like other equipment, the more I use it the easier it becomes. The boys and I have gotten out and about in the yard several times, and although I’m not moving as fast as I’d like to be (yet!) it is a blast. It’s hard to express the feelings that accompany the ability to tackle terrain under my own steam that was previously inaccessible, and to be able to do it with my boys just tops it off. James especially likes to ride in my lap and pump the levers with me.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, I’ll say it a thousand times more if you’ll listen, thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU!!!
— gofundme.com/getthemoutside

We couldn't be happier for Keith and the boys!

Interested in starting your own Go Fund Me campaign? Check out our blog post:  How to Create a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign for Adaptive Equipment or sign up below to receive our GRIT Crowdfunding Starter Pack! 

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