Squad Shout-Out: NorthWind Finance

One of the most wonderful things about GRIT's journey - from the classrooms at MIT, to the the foothills of Mt Kilimanjaro, to our headquarters in Boston - has been the amazing people, and organizations we've met along the way. We know first hand that even the cloudiest of days can turn to sunshine when you realize that someone, somewhere, is doing what they can to make the world a better place. That's why we're launching Squad Shout-Outs, a new blog series to shine a spotlight on these fantastic organizations. 

We pride ourselves on listening to our customers. When we first launched, you asked for a payment plan and we introduced a 6-month plan with PayPal's BillMeLater program. You told us that wasn't long enough. So we explored a variety of programs, lenders, and practices, and eventually found just the right one-- NorthWind. In February we launched two new financing options in partnership with them:

  • Payment Plan: $1,500 down payment, and then the balance paid in 12 monthly installments, which works out to about $125/month. Everybody is eligible to participate.
  • Full Financing: qualified buyers can receive full credit and a tailored payment plan

NorthWind believes in equal access to quality care and they are dedicated to providing financing for health care needs. They recently expanded to include related products and we brought the GRIT Freedom Chair onboard.

We're thrilled to partner with NorthWind to offer our customers this service. We want to share their story with you, and who better to tell it than Garry Norris, Founder and CEO of NorthWind:


NorthWind was the vision of Gary Norris, a guy from Maryland with a big imagination and fearless venturing spirit. His passion is serving others. NorthWind was and continues to be an extension of service to patients in need. Gary had a crazy idea that equal access to quality healthcare could be accomplished if he leveled the financial playing field. Now, each day a patient who is uninsured or victim of high insurance deductibles, have this equal access regardless of credit history.
NorthWind was founded in December of 2014 after 10 months of beta testing and market research. We designed the “Thrive” and “Axis” Systems in response to patients and care providers need for seamless and rapid access to available funding in the healthcare space. It had to be cloud based and secure. So, Gary began learning development. After lots of trial and error, scratching sketch boards and process flows, and starting over, he finally had a system that could accomplish his vision. Then, he brought it to market like an excited 6th grader to his local science fair.
Gary’s parents are in ministry. As a result, they have often been without healthcare insurance. After his father had a serious illness nearly take his life due to not having equal access to quality care, Gary set out to make sure this didn’t happen again. So, Thrive Patient Funding System was born. Now, not only Gary’s parents, but every parent, son, daughter, grandparent, or loved one could have equal access to quality care through Thrive Patient Funding System.
Thrive and Axis are helping ensure that clinics and hospitals aren’t providing uncompensated care, all patients have equal access to quality care regardless of insured status or credit history, and now, even buyers of healthcare related products have equal access to the equipment they need to live their life - their way. We are honored to be part of GRIT and fully support the work and service that GRIT’s products and team offer each and every person in the Freedom Chair.


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