Introducing the GRIT Freedom Chair Forward

The GRIT Freedom Chair Forward is the highest performance off-road wheelchair we've ever built. It combines our award-winning patented easy push lever drive with the world-renowned SoftWheel in-wheel suspension system. It's a match made in heaven which allows the Freedom Chair Forward to handle the roughest trails possible.

Creating a Freedom Chair that is compatible with SoftWheels gives us something people have been asking about since we started designing wheelchairs: a suspension.

The SoftWheel's suspension arms absorb more impact than traditionally suspended wheels (like those on a mountain bike). The shocks remain rigid over flat terrain, but offer unparalleled cushioning off-road. 


We weren't satisfied by simply adding Softwheels to the regular Freedom Chair - we wanted to innovate - so we also upgraded the lever drive system on the Forward with high-performance Precision BMX freewheels.

With 60 engagement points per rotation, they completely eliminate drivetrain lag. This means longer, more powerful, push strokes; precision navigation down the trail; and higher top speeds. In short: it's like riding the GRIT Freedom Chair in HD.

The Forward is built on the same platform as the GRIT Freedom Chair and shares all of its popular features: easy transport in the trunk of a car, rugged three-wheeled frame, quick release wheels and seatback, and easy-to-find off-the-shelf bicycle parts. It's fully compatible with all of our accessories.