Rider Spotlight: Christina Rae

By Christina Rae  

"I decided to buy a GRIT Freedom Chair because it encompassed in one purchase what I was already trying to cobble together with multiple purchases: a high end wheelchair suitable for outdoor use, a lever propulsion system, and a third wheel. While the GRIT Freedom Chair is not able to be customized to fit each individual user, it is less expensive than the alternatives I was researching: wheelchair (at least $2K, before customizing); Wijit lever propulsion system ($4K); and the GoFreeWheel, 3rd wheel addition for wheelchairs ($700). 

It is unknown, given my progressive, degenerative neuromuscular disease, how long I will be able to use my GRIT [Freedom Chair]. Hopefully it will be decades! I was able to ride my adult tricycle for 5 years. The brief moment of gliding down a hill makes me feel like I am riding a cycle of some sort again. It makes me happy. My mom likes seeing me in my GRIT chair, too. It makes her happy, too.

I also really liked that the GRIT Freedom Chair is all bicycle parts and can be serviced by a bike shop. My local bike shop assembled my GRIT Freedom Chair and they will be doing any service and/or repairs on the chair as time goes on. Finally, I needed a payment plan option and GRIT provides numerous options. I never felt like it was a problem and felt supported and even encouraged to find the right way, for ME, for me to pay for my GRIT chair.

My GRIT chair allows me to propel myself outside in a wheelchair, which lets my Mom and I walk and roll side by side on the paved Promenade here in Seaside, OR. I enjoy the feeling of being able to push myself, see the ocean, and have a conversation with my mom while being able to look at her (instead of her being behind me, pushing me). I can no longer ride an adult tricycle and the GRIT Freedom Chair is the closest thing to a "cycle" that I am able to use. It provides a similar feeling of freedom to the feeling I had when able to ride the tricycle. It is more tricycle than wheelchair to me.

While too much soft sand is difficult to get through (the beach where we live in Seaside, OR is HUGE and has lots and lots and lots of soft sand) -- on hard packed sand, the GRIT is an awesome way for me to be experience the ocean. We are hoping that in the winter (with the winter storms and higher tides) that the sand will be packed harder in general and/or the soft sand part of the very large beach will shorten and become more manageable. Who knows. Overall I am very happy with my purchase and would recommend the GRIT to others." 

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