Squad Shout-Out: Kelly Brush Foundation

Today's shout-out goes to our friends at the Kelly Brush Foundation, who are doing remarkable work to empower those with paralysis to live active lives through sports and recreation. 

Photo of Kelly Brush courtesy of  PRWeb.com

Photo of Kelly Brush courtesy of PRWeb.com

The Kelly Brush Foundation has two passions: helping people thrive by incorporating sports and recreation into their lifestyle and preventing injuries in the sport of ski racing.

These became Kelly’s passions after she sustained a spinal cord injury in 2006 while competing in an NCAA alpine ski race, leaving her paralyzed from the chest down. Always an athlete, getting back to sports after her injury allowed Kelly to simply feel like herself again. She and her family also recognized the preventable nature of her injury and committed to the prevention of similar injuries in the sport of ski racing.

The Kelly Brush Foundation was formed to make these passions its mission. We provide adaptive sports equipment directly to people living with paralysis and support ski clubs in their safety efforts.

We have helped hundreds of individuals discover the benefits of sport and recreation in 44 states and helped protect thousands of youth racers in nearly every US state with alpine racing programs.
— http://kellybrushfoundation.org/about-us/

We were lucky to meet Kelly a few years ago as we were developing the Freedom Chair. We got together in a park in Maine for a ride and got her feedback-- a key part of our design process. Together with her husband Zeke, who is now the Executive Director of the Foundation, they helped us better understand the landscape of adaptive sports, particularly in New England.


One of the central activities of the Kelly Brush Foundation is their Adaptive Sports Equipment Grant program.  They provide grants to purchase adaptive sports equipment, like the Freedom Chair, with a preference to those applicants who demonstrate a desire to achieve an active lifestyle but have financial limitations. Their applicants are nationwide, and they have made grants to over 250 individuals in 46 states! Applicants must have documented paralysis due to spinal cord injury, spina bifida, or transverse myelitis. 

Their grant application is open now with submissions due September 30th. Final awards will be announced November 30th. Head over to the application page to read more and get started! As part of the application, you'll need an equipment quote from us, so let us know if you're working on an application so we can send that over.

Thanks to the Kelly Brush Foundation for all of your great work. We look forward to getting out on the trail with you again soon!

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