Two great options

The GRIT Freedom Chair 3.0 and the GRIT Freedom Chair Forward are two great options for off-road mobility. This post will go through the similarities and differences so that you can choose the one that's right for you.


Both chairs are built on the same frame and have most of the same features: easy to push lever drive, stable three wheeled frame, comfort cushion, mountain bike treads, quick release wheels and seatback, adjustable footrest, and more. Both chairs are fully compatible with all of our popular accessories. If you're able to use the 3.0, you'll be able to use the Forward as well. 


There are two key differences between the two chairs: the rear wheels and the freewheel gears.

The 3.0 uses standard mountain bike wheels (with solid metal spokes) for the rear wheels. The Forward, however, uses SoftWheels Acrobat suspension wheels. The suspension wheels provide a softer ride on rough terrain (rocky trails, jumping off curbs, bumpy sidewalks, cobblestones, etc.). On smooth ground (asphalt paths, grass, and packed dirt), you won't notice much of a difference.


Riders who are sensitive to bumps and vibrations will benefit from the softer ride offered by the SoftWheels on the Forward. We don't recommend that you use the SoftWheels on the sand: the sand is not friendly to the shock system.

As for the freewheel gears, the Forward has freewheels with many more engagement points. This has the effect of eliminating lag between a push of the levers and the chair moving. Most of the time you're not able to tell the difference between pushing on a 3.0 lever and a Forward lever, but you'll notice it in two situations: riding really fast, and maneuvering the chair in tight spaces. The Forward is more maneuverable and able to reach a higher speed on flat ground. If you want the maneuverability without the suspension, you can select the Precision Freewheel upgrade, which gets you these benefits on the 3.0. More on that below.

In conclusion

The GRIT Freedom Chair 3.0 is the right chair for most riders. People who are sensitive to vibrations, want to ride as fast as possible on smooth ground, who plan to go over bumpy terrain very often, or who won't settle for anything less than the best (the SoftWheels look awesome too!) should get the Forward.

Still not sure? No need to decide now.

We understand that the extra cost of the SoftWheels means more months of saving up before you can move beyond the pavement. We don't want the price difference between the 3.0 and Forward to keep anyone from hitting the trail and making the most of life, so we designed the 3.0 to be fully upgradeable to the Forward. You can buy a 3.0 now and upgrade to the Forward at any time by buying the Precision Freewheel Set and the SoftWheels suspension wheels in the "upgrade" section of the GRIT store.

The GRIT Freedom Chair 3.0 retails for $2995. The GRIT Freedom Chair Forward retails for $5495.