5 Unexpected Places to Use the GRIT Freedom Chair

When people think of activities to do with the GRIT Freedom Chair, the first things that come to mind are hiking, hunting, fishing, or even going to the beach. However, the GRIT Freedom Chair is the most versatile all-terrain wheelchair on the market, and we have 5 riders here to prove it! Read on to learn more about their adventures . . . 


"[In July] my wife and I took Ana to the Riverbank Zoo in Columbia, SC where the temperature was 97 and the heat index was well above 100 degrees. I always talk about how well my Grit Freedom Chair does going off road and moving beyond the pavement. Well let me just say how well it did while moving on pavement! First of all, where we parked at was pretty close to the entrance of the zoo however, I am so thankful I took my Grit Freedom Chair because if I would have been in my everyday wheelchair I would have been so tired just pushing to the zoo entrance with the blazing heat! Second, for the most part the zoo is flat however, there is some steep hills that you do need to climb and with the awesome lever system and the new freewheel gear, climbing those hills were so simple and took less effort and my shoulders were saved! Finally, I love not having to touch my wheels to be able to get around and just using the levers to push back and forth to get where I need to go. It also is a lot more sanitary because I'm not touching my wheels that have just ran over no telling what. Plus the levers keep my hands from burning while braking descending steep hills unlike my everyday wheelchair! Thanks GRIT for making my day at the zoo with my family more enjoyable!"

-Jeremy Kerr


Crys is a biology professor in her day job, but is also a graduate student working on a PHD in Research Evaluation, Measurement, and Statistics, and also a Masters Degree in Public Health. Her graduate work leads her to doing research in cemeteries. Most of her research has focused on preventing grave damage and grave disruptions in cemeteries that have been flooded.

"The terrain in cemeteries is really uncertain. Particularly in Oklahoma . . . and so in some cases you go out, and it might be really super muddy in some places; in some places it’s really super dry, and the terrain is really tough and rocky. In this particular cemetery one of the biggest places that it helped was getting over things like big tree roots. As I was moving between rows of headstones, there’s no way I would have been able to do it in my daily chair."

-Crys Davis


"I just wanted to let you know we took the Freedom Chair to our first con. It was amazing. And when the photo people lost my photo and I was zooming back and forth trying to find a supervisor, a woman stopped me. She said she was a physical therapist and noticed that I could get around really fast and easy, and wanted to know what kind of chair it was. I gave her the information before continuing on my quest. Sister’s Circle Live showed us on their show and Norman Reedus himself helped me stand out of my chair for our photo op, you can see part of the chair in the back."



Photo credit:    WLUC, TV 6

Photo credit: WLUC, TV 6

"I did what was called the iron scout challenge and it’s a two mile canoe, 12 mile bike and a five mile hike and I did the biking and the hiking in this wheelchair and the canoeing without the chair." 
Joey Gavlek


While Tyler originally got his Freedom Chair expecting to use it on hunting trips and in the winter, in June 2016 he got hooked on a whole new activity. Tyler was working on the board of a local obstacle race. During the event the guy who set up the race kept telling Tyler to run the course just for publicity, so Tyler thought, "All right." He signed up and got thrown onto a random team which ended up being Operation Enduring Warrior (OEW).

Since June 2016, Tyler has completed over 50 racing miles with OEW, (not even counting training miles) and even recently completed a Green Beret Challenge. Often referring to his Freedom Chair as his "war chariot," Tyler has been impressed with how well it's held up against what he's put it through.

"The fact that I have been so rough on it and it still works as well as the day I got it is impressive . . . I completed the Capital Tour 2017 - Columbia, SC to benefit Operation Enduring Warrior. 20 miles in 9.5 hours. Couldn't have done it without the freedom chair!"
-Tyler Rich