GRIT Rider Referral Program

You’ve received your GRIT Freedom Chair, and have been going on incredible adventures with it. We expect you’ve been excited to tell your friends, family and random passers-by all about it!

As a small company, happy customers are GRIT’s most important asset, so we want to show our thanks to you for helping us spread the word. If you are a current GRIT Freedom Chair user, read on to discover how you can get rewards through our Referral Program.

How it works:

  1. Enroll using the form here. You must be a current owner of a GRIT Freedom Chair or GRIT Freedom Chair Forward.
  2. We’ll send you a unique referral code (for example: “TISH123” or “BEN456”)
  3. If you meet someone who’s as excited about your GRIT Freedom Chair as you are, give them your referral code.
  4. When they buy their own GRIT Freedom Chair they will save $100 on their purchase by using your code.
  5. 30 days after their purchase, we’ll send you a referral bonus to thank you!

That’s it!

Referral bonus options

We’ve put together three great ways to thank you for helping us spread the word about the Freedom Chair. You’ll be asked which bonus option you’d like when you enroll in the referral program, but you can change your selection at any time. Bonuses will be disbursed 30 days after a chair purchased with your unique referral code is delivered.

  1. Receive $75 cash (on a Visa gift card) for each Freedom Chair referred.
  2. Receive $150 credit towards a purchase in the GRIT Store (great for accessories and upgrades!)
  3. GRIT makes a $150 contribution to the GRIT Pay-it-Forward Low Income Fund on your behalf.

Enroll now or contact us if you have further questions!