Squad Shout-Out: Empower SCI

Today's Shout-Out  honors Empower SCI! Empower SCI is a non-profit corporation established to enable individuals with spinal cord injuries to lead happier, more meaningful and more independent lives.

Empower SCI seeks to fill the gap in the rehabilitation industry that has been created by a decrease in length of stays at rehabilitation hospitals and outpatient services during the recovery from a spinal cord injury.

"Empower SCI, Incorporated is a residential program catered to individuals who have had an injury to their cervical spinal cord. The program focuses not only on the formal physical therapy, occupational therapy, and recreational therapy; but more importantly peer mentoring, rehabilitation counseling and informal knowledge-sharing between individuals who are going through similar experiences and challenges. The yearly two week program will consist of a combination of individual and group therapy sessions. Each program will be catered to the unique needs of the client, with client-developed goals to maximize the client’s ability to lead a happier, more meaningful and more independent life. It is our focus at EmpowerSCI, Incorporated, to allow individuals with spinal cord injuries the opportunity to participate in successful rehabilitation, in a time in their lives where they are motivated, healed (both mentally and orthopedically) and have the potential to succeed. Empower SCI also runs day long wheelchair skills courses throughout the United States."

"When you sign up for the Empower SCI program it's described to you as a second chance at rehabilitation. While it is just that, it's also a chance to learn that you are the same person you always were, the chair is just how you get around and that life isn't over - it's just getting started and there are still so many things you can accomplish while being in a chair."
-Chris, 2015 participant

 Chris, 2015 participant

Chris, 2015 participant