Accessory Spotlight: Buddy Handles VS. Trail Handles

You can customize your Freedom Chair with a wide variety of custom accessories. Read on to learn if one of our handle options is a good fit for you!




We designed the GRIT Freedom Chair for riders who want to push themselves, but we all sometimes need a little help from our friends. Every GRIT Freedom Chair comes with a discreet push bar across the top back of the seat. For riders who want more options, we designed two different accessory handles. 

Buddy Handles

Some feedback we got when we originally designed the Freedom Chair was that many riders didn't want to be pushed. They found that having visible handles increased the likelihood of unrequested assistance. We designed the original Freedom Chair with the cross bar on the back rest so that it doesn't look like a handle and invite unwanted assistance, but it is available should the need for assistance arise.

As more and more people developed an interest in the Freedom Chair, we began receiving requests for a more substantial handle from those who anticipated needing regular assistance. Our Buddy Handles were designed first for those with helpful partners ready and willing to assist them. These rubber-padded handles make it easy for a friend to give you a push in your GRIT Freedom Chair. Very similar to the push handles found on standard wheelchairs, these are ideal for smooth ground and for quick pushes on rough terrain.

  • Two height settings
  • Easily installs on any GRIT Freedom Chair

  • Assembly instructions and tool included

  • Made in the USA

Trail Handles

Massachusetts DCR's Universal Access Program has a fleet of Freedom Chairs and were among the first to use and provide feedback about the Buddy Handles. While helpful, they noted that a bigger push handle would give more leverage and allow multiple people to assist. With those ideas in mind, we developed the Trail Handles.

The Trail Handles not only raise the push height and angle of propulsion for the assistant, but they can be set up into two different configurations. Many of our users like the Trail Handle because they can be set up so someone can walk beside the chair while pushing. This allows for much better connection and conversation. These high-strength steel handles are wrapped in soft handlebar tape giving the pusher even more comfort on extreme terrain. 

  • Setup for one or two pushers
  • Easily installs on any GRIT Freedom Chair

  • Assembly instructions and tool included

  • Made in the USA