Accessory Spotlight: Precision Freewheel Upgrade

Here at GRIT, we want to make sure you can customize your Freedom Chair to suit your needs, which is why we offer a wide variety of accessories in our shop. Read on to learn more about our Precision Freewheel Upgrade.

What is a Freewheel?

The Freewheel is the gear on the back of the bike that lets the wheel spin forward even when you don't push forward. It's what allows bicycles to coast. In addition to the visible teeth on the outside, the precision freewheel has little teeth on the inside inside that only catch in one direction. 

High Precision Freewheels

The high precision freewheels have almost 10 times as many teeth on the inside than a standard GRIT Freedom Chair freewheel which allows it to catch faster with each lever push stroke. Because there are so many teeth inside the high precision freewheels, they make a clicking noise when in motion.

Why aren't the High Precision Freewheels standard on all GRIT Freedom Chairs?

The high precision freewheel isn't standard because it's difficult to make with as many teeth inside as it has. It would increase the cost of each chair and makes it hard for GRIT to find large quantities of high quality parts. We recommend them for people who want to use the chair at high speed or want to navigate with extreme precision over challenging terrain.

How to order

Precision freewheels are included in the GRIT Freedom Chair Forward. They can be added onto any other GRIT Freedom Chair. If you add them to your cart at the same time as a GRIT Freedom Chair, we will upgrade your chair with these during assembly. If you already own a GRIT Freedom Chair, you will need a bicycle shop to help with the installation. 

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