Rider Spotlight: Jack Hunsucker

Freedom Chair riders aren't just our customers - they're part of the GRIT family. Today's Rider Spotlight features Jack Hunsucker. Read on to learn about his adventures!

"It takes some getting used to, but restores much of the independence that has been missing in my life."

About Jack

Jack is 76 years young and fully of energy! Jack lives with Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy (CIPD), but does not let it slow him down one bit. While Jack typically uses a cane or regular manual wheelchair, he found it challenging to get where he wanted to while pursuing his passion of photography. While researching outdoor wheelchairs, he discovered the GRIT Freedom Chair on YouTube. Jack is a veteran, but since his condition is not service connected he had to find alternative ways to fund his freedom. Jack is a determined individual, though!

"With a little digging, I managed to come up with the money."

Why did Jack decide on the Freedom Chair?

"Frankly the price. I was attracted to the Mountain Trike, but the price drove me away. And, actual experience makes me feel I made the right choice."

Jack also loves that he can add accessories and make personal customizations to his Freedom Chair so that it can be the best possible piece of equipment for him.

"I added the larger foot plate, and added extra padding to my seat to give me an added two inches of elevation, and have added a flag for safety."

What activities does Jack enjoy doing in the Freedom Chair?

While continuing nature photography is what led Jack to discover the Freedom Chair, he has found that the Freedom Chair also aids him in many different outdoor activities, including arts festivals.

"I was able to roam freely at our annual Arts for All Festival, and tour the event booths for the first time in 6 yrs. I saw many old friends for the first time in a long time, and am very grateful for my Freedom Chair which made it all happen."

On Memorial Day 2017, Jack took his Freedom Chair off road for the first time, and was able to take some lovely photos during his adventure! Browse through some of his work below:

What is Jack's favorite thing about the Freedom Chair?

Jack tells those he encounters all about the Freedom Chair and how they should have no reservations if they are considering bringing one into their lives.

" [It's] much easier to get around open spaces . . . I talk about it and recommend it highly."