Tales from the Trail, Race Team Edition: Eric Baker - Fire K Fun Run

We encourage our riders to be as active as possible, both in nature and in their communities. So we created the GRIT Race Team, a program that will reimburse you for participating in races and events with your GRIT Freedom Chair. Recently, active Freedom Chair Rider Eric Baker took advantage of this program to participate in the Fire K Fun Run in his community. 

After the race, Eric shared these lovely photos with us along with telling us about his day:

     Had a great time on Saturday doing the Fire K Fun Run sponsored by the Waterloo Morada Fire District, and The Morada Area Association.
    This was a fun run that included all ages, kids to senior adults, runners, walkers, bicycles, and even some disabled participants. 

     I had a great time using my Freedom Chair. The really nice thing about the race course was that about 3/4 of it was shaded. The route went through the country community of Morada of beautiful homes on large properties, and the whole area is covered in large Valley oak trees and many other various large trees.  I got to meet two other disabled individuals; one wheeled, and the other was in a special wheelchair and was pushed by another person.  I was the only person that did the race in a Freedom Chair.

Each GRIT Freedom Chair rider can be reimbursed for their events up to three times per calendar year. So, join the GRIT Race Team, get out there, and reach new milestones!