The GRIT Race Team

We encourage our riders to be as active as possible, both in nature and in their communities. With that in mind, we created the GRIT Race Team, a program that will reimburse you for participating in a race with your GRIT Freedom Chair.

Becoming a GRIT Race Team member is easy! CLICK HERE to join GRIT Rider Rewards. Once you are signed up, you'll be able to access all of the Rider Rewards activities. Follow the submission guidelines for "Join the GRIT Race Team and Race," and don't forget to have fun! Click HERE to see one of our riders at a race!

Read on to learn about some of our current riders who are wheelchair racing with their GRIT Freedom Chair!


  CLICK HERE  to learn more about Eric.

CLICK HERE to learn more about Eric.

"Had a great time on Saturday doing the Fire K Fun Run sponsored by the Waterloo Morada Fire District, and the Morada Area Association.
"This was a fun run that included all ages—kids, to senior adults, runners, walkers, bicycles, and even some disabled participants.
"I had a great time using my Freedom Chair. The really nice thing about the race course was that about 3/4 of it was shaded. The route went through the country community of Morada of beautiful homes on large properties, and the whole area is covered in large Valley oak trees and many other various large trees. I got to meet two other disabled individuals—one wheeled and the other in a special wheelchair pushed by another person. I was the only person that did the race in a Freedom Chair."


33579900_1002462423255684_1122179052120047616_n - Brandy Howe.jpg
"On 05/26/18, I completed a 5K as part of the Buffalo Marathon with my son, Joshua, and my always-amazing Freedom Chair. I have cerebral palsy, so without the Freedom Chair there is no way I could have walked the entire course. The Freedom Chair has allowed me to do 5K's and be successful. For me, it isn't about what place I come in—it is about finishing. I love to race and find it so exciting. I am a FINISHER because that is HOWE I do it!"


Hayden Williams (2).jpeg
"I had SO much fun riding in the Twin Cities Color Run with my GRIT Freedom Chair! I’ve never done a Color Run before, and I didn’t quite know what to expect, but it was incredible! I’ve run 5K’s before, but since my disability started getting worse and I needed to start utilizing a wheelchair, I haven’t been able to compete. My Freedom Chair gave me the ability to race today, and I even passed most of the people racing with me! I had a lot of people go out of their way to say, 'That’s awesome!' about my chair and people were really encouraging with their comments: 'You got this!' and 'You can do it, buddy!' I finished in 37 minutes and I wasn’t even sure if I would be able to finish before I started! I love my GRIT Freedom Chair so much. This chair is my freedom."


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"While I generally prefer to be on a hiking trail, there is something really fun about the energy of an organized race. I've done a couple with my Freedom Chair, and I'll never do another one without. The levers allow me to maintain solid momentum; I always find myself passing people! The stability I get from the design of the chair allows me to easily tackle any obstacles such as broken-up pavement or missing curb cuts. My favorite race I've done with the Freedom Chair so far has to be the Boston Color Run!"


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