It's a GRIT Life: Chapter 8 - GRIT Activities

by: Nerissa Cannon

Version 2

One of the original Freedom Chair Trailblazers, Nerissa, now works full time with GRIT! Her own journey with chronic illness has made her very passionate about helping other people get the most out of life in spite of a disabling condition. In her new series, IT'S A GRIT LIFE, she shares how the GRIT Freedom Chair helps her engage in her favorite activities and live a life of adventure.

The GRIT Freedom Chair is the most versatile and affordable all terrain wheelchair on the market today. So, today I wanted to show you exactly what that means by showing you a handful of the activities you can do using only the GRIT Freedom Chair. This is by no means a comprehensive list of activities that you can do with the Freedom Chair. These are just some that I have done, as well as some of our other riders.

Hiking is perhaps the most popular activity the GRIT Freedom Chair is used for. It's unique design provides stability over obstacles such as roots, and it's lever design gives you the force you need to tackle rough terrain even with limited dexterity.

GRIT Freedom Chair Trailblazer Jeanine Schmitz "Reclaimed Hiking in a Wheelchair!"

It was a "GRIT Day for a Beach Adventure" at Crane Beach for Nerissa!

Another of the most common questions we get is if the Freedom Chair can be used on a beach. While challenging to push through loose, thick sand, of course, it is POSSIBLE. We have wide tires available that make sandy beaches even easier.

Sandy conditions aren't limited to the beach, however. So don't let your regular mobility keep you from enjoying the beauties of the desert.

Read more about how the GRIT Freedom Chair helps in sandy deserts HERE!

Winter is no match for the GRIT Freedom Chair!

Often a standard push chair has difficulty in winter conditions and power chair batteries have difficulty holding a charge when temperatures drop. Don't let the winter strand you! The Freedom Chair helps you tackle slick ice, deep powder, and keeps you safe if low light conditions make seeing obstacles challenging - all while keeping your hands warm and dry.

Don't fret about having to locate or reserve an established accessible campsite. Have the Freedom to camp wherever you want to, and be an active participant in setting up. 

Read more about wheelchair camping HERE!

Your dog doesn't want to stick to the pavement, and you shouldn't have to either. With the GRIT Freedom Chair, you can keep up with your canine companions as well. 

The Freedom Chair provides a stable platform that lets me help out in constructing the tiny house of my dreams. It also help me get around the rural construction site and up our steep temporary ramp.

Our temporary/working ramp into our house is almost 3 times a steep as ADA standard. The climb hurts my shoulders in my regular wheelchair, but is no problem in the GRIT Freedom Chair.

Join the GRIT Race Team and we will pay your entry fee! Learn more HERE!

Another popular activity for Freedom Chair riders is doing races. We have people doing everything from 5ks, to 10ks, to half marathons, and even obstacle races like the Spartan Race.

 9. Sightseeing
One of the great things about the Freedom Chair is that it is able to fit in all ADA accessible spaces. The Freedom Chair was wonderful when I tackled the Freedom Trail in Boston. Not only was it great because of the distance, inclines, and cobblestones, but it was able to fit inside elevators and the accessible indoor attractions.

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