In Your Own Backyard

While the GRIT Freedom Chair gives you the opportunity to move beyond the pavement, you don’t have to go very far off the pavement to find an adventure. Sometimes the best adventures can be had right in your own backyard – or at least very near to that!

"Just leaving the pavement; simple things like just going in my backyard . . . This is the best chair I’ve found that can do that." – John Arbino


“The chair is a ‘trip’ allowing me the opportunity to essentially do the weeding in my gravel covered backyard which is typical for our area given the high heat and irrigation costs. Quite frankly, thus far, I almost have to fight for the chair since my neighbors enjoy the chair as much as I. I have had to improvise with bungee cords ways to secure yard tools, but I get it done. Sandi, my dog, loves it all and goes everywhere I go, too.” - Stephen Morris


“It’s priceless to me. I can’t drive, and just to have that little extra sense of speed seems to make some type of difference. I don’t feel ‘disabled’ in it. I feel enabled! I do feel empowered. Now I WANT to leave [by] myself. Things I would put off, now I’m in my chair. I’m OK. It’s like a modern-day chariot. I get tons of compliments on it from the bus driver to people on the street . . .  

“I went to the mall in my regular wheelchair, and I’d get the pitying look. I don’t get any of that with this, and I love that I can push myself. I’m not getting that look of pity either. You’re not getting that ‘oh look at that poor person, that’s so awful’ . . . Now people feel like they can talk to me! I tell people ‘I’m bench pressing myself across the city.’ It’s a great workout but it’s not nearly as hard as you would think . . . I’m just thrilled with it!” -
Angela Weddle
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"I have a few hundred acres of county/national parks in my backyard, so outdoor trails are everywhere - which was part of the reason I found the Freedom Chair . . The first weekend I had it I went down to the park, and it was great because I could push around. Some of the trails are gravel and some of them are dirt, but it let me get out and enjoy the fresh air again." - John Arbino
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“For the last few months my boyfriend and I have been working on building a Tiny House on Wheels. This is a 6 year dream coming to reality for me. I always wanted to make sure that I was an active participant in building my own Tiny House. Without the Freedom Chair I wouldn’t have been able to participate as much as I have. Everything from simply drilling during the framing process! My standard chair would scoot on me using the impact drill, but the Freedom Chair holds steady. We’re building in a very rural area, and the Freedom Chair not only helped me get around the build site there, but over all other types of obstacles you’d encounter in a construction site with ease.” - Nerissa Cannon
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"The biggest change for has been able to go outside on my own. I live in a neighborhood that, while it’s hilly, it’s a very walk-able neighborhood and people are always outside walking. For years, I haven’t gone out into the neighborhood because it’s just not fun in a regular wheelchair, it’s not safe. It can get a little scary to go too fast and my brakes are my hands and that’s hard even with gloves on. There’s a lot of unevenness going from the street to curb or sidewalk just because it’s so old. In my regular wheelchair I would get thrown out when my chair stops suddenly. Now in my Freedom Chair, today I went to the park and there were several areas where there were lips or drops and it didn’t slow me down at all.” - Helen Sabo