Built for the Trail

The GRIT Freedom Chair is ready for your next outdoor adventure

The GRIT Freedom Chair was designed by our world-class team of MIT engineers to handle any terrain. The 26" mountain bike tires provide superior traction, especially compared to regular wheelchair wheels. Coupled with our powerful lever drive, it's an unstoppable combination. The big front wheel doesn't get stuck and keeps the chair stable like a tripod. The lightweight steel frame is extremely strong and provides a smooth ride over bumpy terrain.

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Take it anywhere 

With quick-release everything, the GRIT Freedom Chair is always ready for adventure.

The GRIT Freedom Chair is the first all-terrain wheelchair that’s just as easy to get to the trail as it is to use on the trail.  The wheels, seatback, and footrest are all quick release, enabling the GRIT Freedom Chair to fit into the trunk of a small car. We designed it to disassemble in less than a minute, and the more you disassemble the lighter it gets (as opposed to folding chairs, which stay the same weight regardless). The weight of the heaviest part to lift into the car is just 25 pounds.

See the GRIT Freedom Chair in action

The GRIT Freedom Chair's easy to push lever drive combines the efficiency of handycles and the small size of manual wheelchairs. The levers amplify your force, making it easier to self propel, especially outdoors on grass, sand, and rough terrain. Scientific research shows that lever drives are ergonomic and a great source of low-impact cardio exercise. 

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