Add Popular Upgrades

We have a range of accessories available so you can customize your GRIT Freedom Chair. These are our most popular! 

Trail Handles (included with Push)

These high-strength steel handles, wrapped in soft handlebar tape, give pushers the leverage they need to help maneuver the GRIT Freedom Chair over extreme terrain. 

  • Can be setup for one or two pushers

  • Easily installs on any GRIT Freedom Chair

  • Assembly instructions and tool included

Add Extra Wheels

The GRIT Freedom Chair comes with a great set of standard wheels. They are knobby enough to give you traction on the trail and have a smooth strip along the centerline so that they are easy to roll on pavement. They are like the wheels on hybrid city/mountain bikes. The wheel sets below are for riders who want specific treads to match their environment. Since both sets of wheels below are so specialized to their respective environments, they are sold as separate additions. Every GRIT Freedom Chair always ships with its default wheels, plus whichever optional wheels you add to your cart below.

Beach/Snow Wheels

Hit the beach or snow with these wide wheels that you can swap onto your GRIT Freedom Chair. At 2.25" wide, these wheels will help you float over sand, snow, and other loose terrain. The beach/snow wheel is shown on the right in the photo, in comparison to the regular wheel in the middle and a regular ultralight wheelchair wheel on the left. This is a set, which includes two wheels.



Extra Axles

Each GRIT Freedom Chair comes with axles. However, accessory wheels do not come with additional axles, since you can use the chair's regular axles with them. An extra set of axles adds convenience when using accessory wheels -- no more axle swapping required! 



SoftWheels Suspension Wheels

This is an add-on set of SoftWheels Acrobat suspension wheels, modified to work with all versions of the GRIT Freedom Chair. These innovative wheels have in-wheel suspension arms that are soft when you need them and stiff when you don't. Push rims not included. These are already included in the GRIT Freedom Chair Forward. These will not work on any device other than the GRIT Freedom Chair. 



Add Extras

The GRIT Freedom Chair is designed to fit a wide variety of riders comfortably. However, since riders come in all shapes and sizes, and everyone has their own strapping, seating, and stability needs, we recommend checking out the options below.

Anti-Tip Bars

The GRIT Freedom Chair is conservatively balanced to make tipping over backwards unlikely, but some riders feel more comfortable with anti-tip bars installed. These adjustable attachments prevent the chair from tipping over backward on steep hills. These are not recommended for all riders, as they can limit the obstacles you can traverse with the GRIT Freedom Chair. They easily attach to the chair with a screwdriver and an adjustable wrench. Each set includes two anti-tip bars, one for each side of the chair.


Wedge Cushion

The GRIT Freedom Chair has a 14 degree seat dump. This holds the rider in the seat when riding over uneven terrain. This wedge cushion can be used with the standard GRIT Freedom Chair cushion to make the seat more comfortable for riders who would prefer to sit on a more horizontal surface. The cushion sits on the seat and the wedge is aligned opposite the seat dump, cancelling most of it out. This cushion ships in addition to the standard cushion on the chair, so you would receive two cushions in total.


Foot Strap

The GRIT Freedom Chair comes with six slots cut out in the footrest to attach straps of your choosing to keep your feet securely on the footrest plate. These 36 inch velcro straps loop through any pair of these slots to hold your feet in place.




Steering Foot Pegs

These pegs attach to the front wheel to enable riders with some leg control to steer the GRIT Freedom Chair with their feet. This can give a performance boost when riding the chair on crowned roads, on paths with side-slopes, and when descending hills. You can steer the GRIT Freedom Chair without these. These are an optional enhancement. Includes 2 pegs and installation hardware.



Side Guards (included with Push)

While most excursions won't require side guards, they can be especially useful for speed-and-mud-hungry riders! Attach the pair of interchangeable side guards with either magnets or screws. 

Wide Footplate

This footplate is 19.5 inches wide — 8 inches wider than the standard footplate on the GRIT Freedom Chair. The extra width helps to accommodate riders with larger feet. It also helps riders who cannot bend their knees enough to fit their feet on the standard footplate. The width keeps feet from hitting the front wheel if they are placed near the front of the footplate.