Spending Quality Time

The GRIT Freedom Chair gives you the mobility you need to spend time with family and friends without having to think about your mobility. Its easy-to-push lever drive and stable frame means that you can focus on making memories with the people you love.

I feel very strongly that the Freedom Chair has been instrumental in the growth of our relationship. Whether it’s enjoying a glorious day out hiking, going camping, working on construction projects, or setting up holiday decorations, it seems the Freedom Chair is always there to enable me to keep up, fully participate, and enjoy myself.
— Nerissa

Make memories together

With the GRIT Freedom Chair you can enjoy your favorite activities with your favorite people. There are so many adventures to be shared: from tandem trailblazing with your partner, to family picnics in the park, to chasing after kids and grand-kids!



Fun for everybody

The lever drive takes the physical stress out of pushing yourself around, helping you to focus on having a good time with the people your friends and family. 


Fits in the trunk

The GRIT Freedom Chair quickly disassembles to fit in the the trunk of a small car, making it easier than ever to get to your next adventure. 

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