"When I lost the use of my legs, I thought I had also lost the wilderness in my life. With a concentrated effort of creativity and flexibility, along with a good dose of humility, I found my way back into camping again."


Version 2


Moving beyond the pavement and surrounding oneself with nature is refreshing and fun! Off road wheelchairs like the GRIT Freedom Chair can help make nature more accessible.


Dog Walking

Being outside and dogs goes hand in hand. Nothing says adventure like a happy dog! Even as a wheelchair user you should be able to safely, efficiently, and independently take your dog with you as much as possible.

all-terrain wheelchair.png

“Loving this chair!!! Learning the how far I can push myself is almost as rewarding as the sights, sounds and smells of a forest that has yet to encounter very many humans. My power chair gets far less use in conditions that are undesirable, which is a money saver 😊 , and my upper body is getting back into a shape I am proud of. Tonight it's going to my sons graduation, it's super nice to do both mountain and town same chair. 😊”

-Jabe C