Our customers love their Freedom Chairs!

I can’t use a regular wheelchair because of pathology in my shoulders. A lever-drive was the only possibility for me. I’m just so grateful I found out about the Freedom Chair! I have been using it to take “walks” around my neighborhood, a luxury I have not enjoyed for many years. It’s so good to get out again! I have also taken it to a local park where they have an 8 mile trail with a lot of hills. I love going up and down the hills. I haven’t been able to work out this hard in years.
— Sally

The Freedom Chair is awesome!
— Pete

“This mobility device is unlike any other wheelchair I have ever used. The levers make it easier to steer, push, and brake than a standard manual wheelchair. When going uphill, there’s no slipping backwards, even on sand or gravel thanks to the lever braking system! The tires grip better than standard wheelchair tires and handle grass, sand and dirt extremely well. The seat and backrest are very comfortable, aiding in balance, while riding over rough and uneven terrain. Take the levers out, and you have a very maneuverable wheelchair that can fit easily in and out of tight spaces. Don’t be afraid to go off the pavement!
— Myla

Before being struck with Ataxia, I used to xc ski race and do triathlons. My friend’s cabin is near the Birkie trail (the American Birkebeiner Ski race). It is the largest xc ski race in North America...I really enjoyed being able to go beyond the confines of my friend’s cabin.
— Lenore

The monster truck of wheelchairs... using your own engine!
— Michael
My son is 15 and has mild CP. He wanted to be more active and join other kids in activities. He has a handcycle which has been great, but he couldn’t go on rough surfaces like grass, unpaved trials, etc. This has opened up another level of independence him! It’s helping build up his strength — a big plus.
— Rick
Fantastic chair for outdoor use and an easy chair [to use] when shopping. Rugged yet lightweight. Easy to use in rough conditions without someone else pushing. Love. Have not regretted buying. Easy to use and transport without assistance.
— Anne
“The Freedom chair is exactly that! It allows me to get back into the woods and back on the trails. I am hoping to use it on the beach and hopefully it will let me get out when the Canadian winter arrives and my regular wheelchair can’t handle the ice and snow on all of the sidewalks.
— Marie