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Illness, injury, and age shouldn't keep you from living your life to the fullest. The all-terrain GRIT Freedom Chair gives you the mobility you need to move beyond the pavement. 

Maybe you're already charting your own path, or maybe you need a little help getting started. Meet a few trailblazers whose determination, spirit, and sense of adventure show that grit comes in all shapes and sizes.  

What is your passion?

GRIT Freedom Chair riders don't take no for an answer. They take their mobility into their own hands and pursue what's most important to them: whether it's enjoying the great outdoors, staying healthy, or spending quality time with the people they love. They live their lives to the fullest, wherever the path leads.

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“The Freedom Chair is a excellent piece of equipment to get you in the outdoors on trails and various types of terrain. it is even great for everyday use! I use my Freedom Chair everywhere I go, have even used it in Yosemite and went all over in the park. I love the levers which are far easier for me to use than hand-rims on a standard wheelchair. The GRIT staff are fantastic people to work with.”

-Eric B


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What is your ability level?

People of all ages and abilities are using the GRIT Freedom Chair to move beyond the pavement. We have riders with spinal cord injuries, MS, and many others. Our oldest rider is 94 years young and our youngest is 5!

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"We've spent a lot on adaptive equipment and the GRIT Freedom Chair is by far the best bang for the buck of everything." - Bill

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