For Riders With CP

Riders with cerebral palsy (CP) use the GRIT Freedom Chair to move beyond the pavement. The chair is appropriate for riders with a wide range of ability levels.

I continue to enjoy my adventures with the Freedom Chair. The past few weeks I have had the thrill of telling friends, family and community members that I’ve been spending my time doing something that I have never been able to do before, that is moving a manual wheelchair [the Freedom Chair] independently. It’s a great way for me to get exercise in the back yard.
— Nate

Benefits of the GRIT Freedom Chair for riders with CP


Reduced fatigue

The GRIT Freedom Chair is significantly easier to push than a regular wheelchair. The ergonomic lever drive uses large muscle groups to reduce fatigue and keep you adventuring longer. The gear ratio is easy to change with off-the-shelf bike parts, so you can adapt your GRIT Freedom Chair to match your changing strength and ability levels.

CP Freedom Chair FAQ

How do I keep my feet on the foot plate?

The foot plate is angled backwards 14 degrees from horizontal and is covered in very grippy sandpaper to keep your feet in place. It also has three sets of slots to accommodate a variety of foot strap solutions. The GRIT Foot Strap is a popular solution for keeping your feet securely in place on the foot plate, though the foot plate will work with most adaptive straps.

How do I stay secure in the chair? 

The seat is angled backwards (dumped) 14 degrees from horizontal and the seat back is angled 7 degrees back from vertical. These features keep you secure in a comfortable riding position, even if you have weak abdominal support.

The seat belt can be used as a waist or leg strap, for additional safety and security when riding. Some riders with more limited trunk control also enjoy riding with a chest strap, which keeps them upright and centered against the seatback.


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Stories from riders with CP

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