Riders with Difficulty Walking

People who typically use walkers, canes, and crutches enjoy the outdoor mobility of the GRIT Freedom Chair. 

For many of our customers, the GRIT Freedom Chair is their first wheelchair. To them, it's about selecting the right tool for the job. Using the GRIT Freedom Chair enables easier travel over long distances and rough terrain than walkers, canes, or crutches. It helps riders conserve their energy, so that can walk short distances indoors.

As my condition progressed, and I started using a wheelchair, I noticed a significant change in how my abilities were perceived. The reality is, I became MUCH more mobile and independent with my wheelchair than I was with any sort of walking aid.”
— Nerissa
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Benefits of the GRIT Freedom Chair


Keep up with friends and family

It can be exhausting to keep up with others by using crutches, a walker, or a cane off-road. The GRIT Freedom Chair's lever drive takes the physical stress out of pushing yourself around, helping you to focus on enjoying your environment and the friends and family you're exploring it with.


Heart healthy

The ergonomic lever motion is easy on smooth ground, exercising your heart and lungs rather than just your arms. Many GRIT Freedom Chair riders love the low impact cardio workout.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I need a wheelchair?

This is a personal question that's different for everyone. Our rule of thumb is that if you answer "yes" to either of these questions then you should consider adding a wheelchair to your mobility toolbox:

  • Would a wheelchair allow you to enjoy more of life than you could without it? 
  • Would using a wheelchair help you overcome more accessibility barriers? 

Still not sure? We can connect you with wheelchair riders who have transitioned from walkers and crutches to the GRIT Freedom Chair. Email us to request an introduction.


Stories from riders with Difficulty Walking

We're here to help

We'd love to connect via email, telephone, Skype, or FaceTime to go over the GRIT Freedom Chair and to answer any questions you have. As the designers of the GRIT Freedom Chair, we love talking with people like you! 

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